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Endless Baby Bubbles

This genre combining pursuit merges the classic "Match 3" game type with "5 card Video Poker" resulting in a fast pace Poker action game that features a Bonus Double Up mini game and AI Challengers! Mr. Crush, Poker aficionado and owner of "THA BIGG CRUSH CASINO", has found a better way to play Poker. By crushing it! 

Almost every mobile gamer knows how match a group of candies or jewels by color. This game ups the ante by introducing both numbers and patterns. You can match three cards of the same Suit, sure. Now try matching three cards of the same number! Move on to Two Pairs, Straights, Flushes, Full Houses, etc. The challenge lies in your ability to notice these patterns (aka Poker Hands) and move cards into place to get the best hand possible, most notably, the Royal Flush. Your brain will hurt after the first couple hours of playing because it's getting exercise! But this is not a brain game so take a nap or a break and come back. Trust us, it gets easier and your brain will like it.

AI Challengers will play against you as well. Their score subtracts from yours, so you have to make sure you play smart and not leave the Challenger a good card on the field! If you beat the Challenger, you win Bonus Poker Chips!

Clear any level with a high enough score to earn a chance to Double Up your Poker Chips! This is a roulette style betting system combined with a Texas Hold'em card River and High/Low card game. Make your bet(s) based on the card you're dealt and select a card from the River! If it meets your bet, "Boom!", Poker Chip galore!

Clear your way to the final Challenger, Mr. Crush, the owner of "Tha Bigg Crush Casino"! Who knows what will happen if you beat him! Maybe he'll give you the casino...

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A prototype game turned production spawned from an idea when one of our software engineer's children got a hold of his cell phone and intently tapped on the air bubbles trapped on his screen's plastic protector.

A cute little game for kids, toddles, babies, [and adults]! Pop bubbles that laugh and free candies! Good for passing the time, or try to beat your high score!

More features to come!

This game is free to download off the Google Play store. If you watch 99 ads, the game turns into an ad free version!